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65% of French nurses will refuse “swine flu” vaccine over safety concerns

September 25, 2009 at 10:14 am · by josh · Filed under Health: Vaccinations, Social Awakening & Sovereignty

65% of French nurses will refuse the vaccine.

65% of French nurses will refuse the vaccine.

According to a survey by the French national union of professionally qualified nurses (SNPI CFE-CGC), 65% of all nurses in France will refuse the “swine flu” vaccine over safety concerns.

The results of a survey of 4,107 nurses which was conducted on September 16th show that only 26% of French nurses will accept the H1N1 vaccine with a further 9% still undecided.

The protests of nurses appear to be impacting on the French Health Minister, who has indicated she might drop plans to give vaccines with adjuvants to pregnant women.

Thierry Amouroux, Secretary General of SNPI CFE-CGC, said that injecting 94 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine into the population as the French government plans to do poses a “public health problem” because the “swine flu” vaccine has been produced “rapidly in a weak regulatory framework with the undeniable presence of adjuvants.”

He said that it was the duty of nurses to give proper information to the general public so that “everyone can make their own decision in full knowledge of the issue and with free and informed consent.”

This is a press release from the French national nurses’ union dated September 20th.

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