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Video: David Icke – Finding the Warrior Within (Time to grow up)

August 3, 2010 at 12:26 am · by josh · Filed under All Videos & Movies, Social Awakening & Sovereignty, Spirituality, Videos: Consciousness, Videos: Social Awakening

Note from admin: Brilliant. And I love the below text from the original YouTube poster… I’ve pasted them below the video -Love, Josh

David Icke – Finding the Warrior Within (Time to grow up)

“In honour of all the wonderful peaceful native people, murdered and destroyed by the same scum setting up the new world order, but at least they died as brave warriors and not as sheep slaves.

“The choice – People or sheeple? A brave or a coward? Fear or Infinite Consciousness? Lion or mouse? Chest out, head up, facing the fear… or head in a bucket of sand, arse in the air, just how the [fascist elitists] like you? Roar of the Lion or the bleating of the lamb to the slaughter? Alex Jones, David Icke… or Britains got talent and the soaps? To care about your taxes being used to kill over a million men, women and children in Iraq… or not to care,cause it don`t affect you….yet?

“What was the reason we chose to come to this illusionary reality and when it ends and we return to Consciousness, will we have completed our mission to the best of our ability or will we have to come back again and again and do a proper job, this time??

“For many years, hundreds of millions of Indians, allowed themselves through fear to be the slaves of a few thousand British soldiers (who were also slaves to the same bloodlines). Then a brave peaceful warrior, called Gandhi, got them up off there arses, and through peaceful non compliance and a bit of courage, did something that no country could do through violence and bloodshed, they defeated the bloodlines, but if gandhi had sat on his arse, crossed legged, meditating on top of a mountain all his life, only thinking positive thoughts, well what would of happened? Nothing!!!”

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