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Did you know your soy sauce is GMO?

November 30, 2012 at 2:40 pm · by josh · Filed under Health: General, Social Awakening & Sovereignty

“The vast majority – about 94% – of [our] US soybean crop uses seeds engineered…” – Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc.

Be aware, fellow sushi fanatics.  Be aware, tofu-eating yogis.

Rats eatling an all-GMO diet developed tumors so extensively that their lifespans were reduced by 50-70%.

Rats eatling an all-GMO diet developed tumors so extensively that their lifespans were reduced by 50-70%.

This morning I received an email back from the Kikkoman soy sauce company, which confirmed their massive use of genetically-modified (GMO) soy product.

Many people do not yet know that soy is one of the biggest GMO crops on the planet.  Be very aware.

Consumption of genetically-modified “foods” has now been shown to be extremely detrimental.  In fact, there has never been one single conclusive study indicating safety.  Yet our governments – swayed by corporate billions – continue to rubber-stamp what is completely anti-life.  And they continue to clamp down and outlaw what grows naturally.

Here is just one of a growing number of studies showing the anti-life effects of GMO:
Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early:

The double-speak, direct from your soy-sauce manufacturer:

“The regular and less sodium soy sauce in packets are made at our Walworth, WI plant. For our US-made soy sauce, we use soybeans that are produced here. The vast majority – about 94% — of the U.S. soybean crop uses seeds engineered to improve water and soil quality, reduce pesticide and fossil fuel use, and to protect crops from adverse weather conditions. Since our soybeans suppliers do not certify their soybean products are non-genetically modified, we assume that the soybeans used are a combination of both genetically modified soybeans and non-genetically modified soybeans.”

Consumer Services

This trend of corporate-led psychopathy (but wrapped in oh-so-fancy lingo) will only continue until met with a firm enough social resistance. 

Is it time yet?  Are we about to reach a critical mass of participation?  Our (and your) actions will tell.


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