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Our Power is Our Divine Birthright

December 31, 2012 at 1:30 pm · by josh · Filed under Social Awakening & Sovereignty, Spirituality

May 2013 be a year of profound divine fire awakening in the hearts and minds of human beings everywhere around our planet.

And may you have a joyful and blessed New Year!

In the spirit of claiming our birthright and continuing to move into our essence in 2013, here’s some encouragement and a blessing shared from today’s I AM University newsletter:

31 December 2012

“Most of us have been programmed, since an early age, to give our power away. We give it away to outer energies, such as other people, the media, the weather and the news, and we give it away to inner energies, such as our negative ego/separative mind, lower self, inner child, emotions, subconscious and fears.

“To give our power away means to give a part of ourselves away. It’s about time that we all reclaim our power and live the beautiful life our Creator envisioned us to live.

“We all have come into this world to co-create an enlightened humanity and to enable the Divine Plan of the universe to unfold. If you don’t play your part, then the whole Divine Plan cannot unfold. This is how important you are! This is how important a part you play in the bigger scheme of the universe. So it is not only crucial that you learn to step into your power for your own well-being, self-mastery, happiness and inner peace, but it is also your duty to fully step into your power and Divinity to allow the Divine Purpose of the universe to unfold. You have a mighty dharma to fulfill. However, you cannot fulfill your Divine calling if you don’t own your power.

“To deny your power means to deny your Divinity! Why? Because our power comes from our Divinity! So our very Self and God Realization depends on all of us claiming our power in service of unconditional love. Sooner or later, we all have to learn this lesson of claiming our power. We can postpone it, but we can’t escape it. It is our destiny. So why postpone the inevitable?

“So, as you start the new year, how about you give yourself the greatest gift you will ever give yourself: the gift of self-empowerment! Again, you can postpone learning this empowering lesson but you cannot escape it. A Course in Miracles put it like this, “Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.” Said another way: You can choose to learn this lesson now, in 2013, or you can choose to learn it 10 years from today or even 10 incarnations from today. So you can choose WHEN you want to learn this lesson of fully stepping into your power (which is a requirement to fully step into your Divinity since you need to own your power to step out of the illusion of separation) but you cannot choose WHETHER to learn this lesson at all or not. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. Earth is a school. We are here to unlearn fear and remember love. That’s the curriculum. In a world where we all have imprisoned our own mind, all we have got left is the freedom to choose whether to take the curriculum now or whether to take it later. So it is in your own hands whether you want 2013 to be the continuation of a powerless, unhappy and unfulfilling life, or whether you want 2013 to be THE YEAR to get serious about your Spiritual path and awakening. It is your choice!

“What will you choose?”

~ I AM University newsletter, 31 Dec 2012


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