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Is this the natal chart of Jesus? (March 1, 7 B.C.)

October 21, 2010 at 8:22 pm · by josh · Filed under Science: Astrology

(Note: if words bore you, scroll down to go straight to the sky maps…)

So, this is interesting.

Scholars have traditionally placed the actual birth of Jesus of Nazareth (aka Yeshua ben Joseph, aka J.C.) at between 4 and 6 BC.  However, traditional scholars did not have the benefit of advanced computer programs which can go back in time to map precisely what the heavens looked like circa 2,000 years ago.

Enter a software called Stellarium, an open-source application free to download.  I’ve been messing around with this program for the past while, matching it up with my interest in Sidereal astrology. (please see footnote #5 for a critical understanding about Sidereal astrology.)

First, a bit of background info.  A commonly known fact is the the historical Jesus was not born on December 25.  Several centuries after the event, certain powers-that-be overlaid the Christic birth event with the ancient understanding that the Winter Solstice held great importance as the time of “rebirth” of our Sun. That is, that Dec 25 signifies a time when the sunrise & sunsets start moving north again.  (This of course begins immediately with the solstice on Dec 21, but not is not noticeable to the watchful naked eye until a few days later.)  But in any event, we know Jesus was not born on Dec 25, and there is a common belief that the Christic birth happened either in the fall or the springtime.

So, using the Stellarium software, and a growing awareness that planetary positions actually mean something, I went back in time, speeding through each of the configurations of each new moon for the past ~2,500 years.  (It’s truly amazing what you can do with this software.)  New moons are associated with times of birth.  And, in the ancient texts, it’s stated that mystics knew that the birth of the Avatar was coming, based upon an astrological sign/pattern in the sky (translated into Greek as “star”).  So I was trying to put the two together: an intuition to look for something around a new moon, along with trying to find some pattern that was remarkable and of miniscule statistic improbability.

What I found was quite remarkable indeed.

Here then is precisely what the astrological sky looked like, at the time of sunrise (~6:45am), in Israel, on 1 March 7 BC. Analysis is below the images.  (click image for fullsize image.)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, sunrise, facing east.  (with ground)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, time of sunrise, facing east. (with ground)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, sunrise, facing east.  (without ground)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, time of sunrise, facing east. (without ground, Pisces highlighted)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, sunrise, facing west.  (with ground)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, time of sunrise, facing west (with ground). Note Mars is setting.

Israel, 1 March 7BC, sunrise, facing west.  (without ground)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, sunrise, facing west (without ground). Note Mars' position, in the "belly" of the Virgin - Virgo - whose legs are upper left and arms are lower right.

Israel, 1mar7bc, 645am-sunrise, Neptune in Scorpio (without ground)

Israel, 1 March 7BC, sunrise, Neptune in Scorpio (without ground).

In summary:

As the sun rose on 1 March 7 BC, in Israel, the astrological configuration was as follows:

Ok, so that’s pretty statistically impossible so far.  Now consider this:

This is, at the very least, a strange coincidence that such an improbable configuration happened around what we know was the time of the historical Christic birth.  Another configuration with such a degree of “statistical improbability” has not happened this side of 500 BC, according to my analysis using the Stellarium software.

I will leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions.  Comments are welcome.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. In the above, the red line is the ecliptic, the path of the planetary bodies.
  2. The time is shifted 10 hours in the screenshots, because Israel standard is 10 hours ahead of Pacific standard time (where I am).
  3. The year is shifted 1 year in the screenshots, because there actually is no “year 0 BC” or “year 0 AD” – and the current version of the program does not take into account this timekeeping anomaly.  ie. In the program, there is a “year 0″, but in real life, it went from 1BC to 1AD.
  4. The reader may duplicate these charts by downloading Stellarium, entering Jerusalem as the location (31°47′N, 35°10′E), and entering a time that equates with (year:-6, month:3, day:1, time: 6:45am Jerusalem time).  The exact time that the program shows will depend on your timezone.
  5. Sidereal astrology” looks at the actual positions in the sky; whereas mainstream astrology is off by approximately 23.5 degrees, as the astrology powers that be haven’t taken into account the precession of the equinoxes – a scientifically-established 25,000 year cycle of “polar wobble” – since around the 5th century.  So, if you’re wondering why traditional astrology doesn’t always work for you, it could be because it is a collective game of pretend. The bottom line is if you think you’re a certain sun sign, chances are, the sun was probably not actually in that sign at the time of your birth.  Note: what I refer to as mainstream astrology is also known as “tropical”, or “western”.

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Astrolgical Smorgasboard: April 15-26, 2009

April 16, 2009 at 6:27 pm · by josh · Filed under Science: Astrology

Sunrise on April 21. (software: Stellarium)

Sunrise on April 21. (software: Stellarium)

At this time, so much is shifting; so much is being transmuted as we awaken. Times of feeling ‘breakthrough’ in the etheric are followed by times of grief and heaviness for many. It is important to remember that we are not alone, and this is part of a greater process. From quite a number of empaths I know – and my own intuition is backing this – I’m hearing these next couple of weeks are intense times indeed.

Astrologically, this next period of 11 days is massively significant.

Here’s a summary of my recent research of this period. Engage intuition & check out all this good stuff!! –

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