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Connecting dots: US Patent Office admits energy suppression, the “Technetronic Era” grid, and smart meters [Take Back Your Power]

September 17, 2012 at 2:36 pm · by josh · Filed under Smart Meters & Technocracy, Social Awakening & Sovereignty, Spirituality

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September 17, 2012

This message you are reading is perhaps the most important I have ever written to date, summarizing the better part of one full year of research.

(In brief: The past two weeks has been packed with major news & updates, as more people wake up and speak truth. Over the next couple days, I will send a separate update on the news. Last weekend we also screened 25 minutes of rough cut at an outdoor festival, which was very well-received. Our work continues and there will be updates soon on the film & new website.)

In this email I have included all of the relevant documentation and links. While all of it is fact-based and verifiable, I encourage you to dig deeper for yourself, so you can really come to your own solid conclusions. Coming closer to the truth in your own way will help you stand tall in your convictions, even amongst a sea of lies, corporate rhetoric, and directed propaganda.

I will summarize two key areas of my research, with historical facts. Connecting these dots is paramount to help us to understand why these corporate forces have been so committed to an ubiquitous globalized smart grid installation, which does not save energy, is making people ill, jacks up your bills, causes fires, is neither tested nor approved, nullifies your privacy rights, and instantly creates massive hacking vulnerability.

In other words, it’s becoming obvious that the smart grid is a runaway train headed for total collapse, and most even within the industry, know it. Why are they not getting off this train… why are they so invested in ramming it through a growing mountain of obstacles?

Major Point #1: The technetronic “smart” control grid… history unveiled

Jumping back 42 years years, Barack Obama’s current geopolitical advisor (some say handler) Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book called “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era”. In this book, he outlined a strategy for control, and outlined what appear to be the foundations for a “smart grid”, using technocratic ideas first espoused in the 1930′s by M. King Hubbert. (Technocratic = using technology to control society.) It was this work that got him noticed by David Rockefeller, who then partnered with him in founding the Trilateral Commission.[1,2]

In Brzezinski’s own words, here are three very telling quotes (emphasis mine):

So here we have someone who is generally credited as the envisioner of the current “smart grid”, who in his own words is talking about themes of:

- Open domination of society by an “elite”
- The “unhindering” or removal of values of liberty and personal freedom
- Using technology to influence public behavior, control reason, and even manipulate people’s emotions
- Constant surveillance and control
- Using the environment as a pretext to manipulate all of this into being
- Unorganized individuals being conned into supporting the plan

Another interesting piece: Zbigniew Brzezinski’s nickname is apparently “ZeeBig” or “ZBig“[6]. What do you think the name is, of the 2.4 GHz transmitter on your smart meter… the device that’s designed to wirelessly collect and report and sell every blasted detail of activity in your home? You guessed it, the “ZigBee” chip. [7] The ego, it appears, loves its clever self-aggrandizement.

Major Point #2: Systemic suppression of energy technology – admitted by US Patent Office

We are given the impression that the entire “smart” grid programme is being implemented to “reduce energy use and increase efficiency” [sic]. Wikipedia says that the grid may potentially reduce energy use by a whopping “more than 4% by 2030“[8]. It is increasingly reported that smart grids are not reducing energy use at all [9], and in fact will likely increase energy usage. The meters themselves use considerable electricity as they emit potentially harmful microwave radiation 13,000 to 190,000 times per day according to PG&E.[10,11] And the coming “smart appliances” will be required to be always on, always communicating with the meter (called “vampire power” or “phantom load”).[12]

However, what we haven’t been told is that patents for new energy technologies are being massively suppressed. And this is now public. (Evironmentalists: these are energy technologies which could save your planet.) What’s more, is that not only are the patents denied, but steps are also apparently taken to silence the inventor. Within the US Patent office’s own laws, the process is admitted:

And on the Federation of American Scientists website, [14], details are revealed. Including the disclosure:

In the process of making our film Take Back Your Power, I actually have interviewed a current US Patent examiner who is sick and tired of the suppression of energy technologies, and has admitted that these blockages have been directly due to the interests of ‘big energy’ and ‘big oil’ corporate forces. He says he is rather looking forward to retirement.

And if this isn’t enough, ask yourself why you don’t know about this: [16]
…whoops, that’s been taken down… try this: [17]

Germany is now producing almost 50% of its energy from solar photo-voltaic panels. Its 22 gigawatts/hr equal 20 nuclear power stations operating at full capacity. This massive amount of energy is generated almost completely by individuals or small businesses that feed into the grid. This allowed Germany to make a public pronouncement, following Fukushima, to completely abandon nuclear energy.[18]

This outstanding, potentially earth-saving progress is the work of a statesman named Hermann Scheer[19] (1944-2010), who dedicated the latter part of his life to actualizing legislation introducing what’s called feed-in tariffs throughout Germany, which forced power utilities to pay anyone who produces solar energy a very good rate for it.

To state the mostly-obvious, decentralized (produced-by-people) solar power generation:
a) does not produce any carbon, pollution, or chemical by-products,
b) is available to anyone to produce, allowing people to be truly self-sustaining and independent of corporate coersion,
c) continues to rapidly drop in cost to install,
d) does not use up any ongoing natural resources,
e) panels can now be manufactured out of sand (this is what Libya had planned to do on a big scale)[20],
f) is now effective even in cloudy, low-light climates,
g) is increasingly storable, as new techs develop, and
h) will be available at least a few billion years.

And there are technologies being developed to minimize and eliminate any issue with dirty electricity, which may arise from the DC-to-AC inversion when feeding into the grid.[21]

(Environmentalists, we appreciate your efforts to minimize carbon footprints and pollution, but we realize the Hegelian tactic we’ve all been a part of… and we invite you to take note of, and please participate in, this new paradigm.)

Not surprisingly, this massive development toward true sustainability (not the version that has been co-opted by globalist corporates) has not made it very far into public consciousness… but the day is now at hand.

* * *

(Note: As an indication of the importance of this issue and the globalist smart grid plans, Google is now filtering searches on “smart grid” to promote industry sites, and demote sites critical of the agenda. Case in point: in a search I did for “Smart Grids may not cut energy use BBC“[22], the BBC article mentioned (here[23]) did not come up in the first 200 search results – even though only one word was changed from the BBC headline. It does appear that Google is now doing this same flagging “demotion” process for most truth-based articles from oft-mainstream sources which are critical of the smart grid.)

Inspiration from the heart

We’re realizing that things are changing because more and more human beings are speaking the truth that’s been welling up inside of us. We’re not fighting at the level of ego, vying for control; we’re just speaking what we know in our hearts to be true: that this world and this life is too beautiful to let it die at the hands of unconscious corruption. Our shared recognition of the crisis on our planet guides us to respond with truth and with Spirit.

Making the simple choice to not allow a smart meter, no matter what, contributes to a real solution for our species and planet. If you’re stuck or feeling frustrated with how to actualize your intention, visit our website[24] to connect with groups in your regions, and go from there.

I honour the truth in you, and encourage you to speak it loud and clear. In this, we together find much satisfaction of being, and we together create real community.

Let it ring.

Peace and strength,
Josh del Sol
Producer & Director,
Take Back Your Power


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