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Footsteps Of Eternity

October 6, 2009 at 10:38 am · by josh · Filed under Social Awakening & Sovereignty, Spirituality

Note from editor: This wisdom is, incredibly, directly out of the mouth of a 13-year old master of art who remembers, named Akiane. “Out of the mouth of babes….”

See her amazing work at

The following theory is based only on my own interpretation of my childhood memories and experiences. Those are not final conclusions or convictions, but just my presumptions. There could be countless other explanations about reality, equally valid…

akianeMany of us suspect that we had seen a better world than this one, our true home somewhere we had been living. Our desire for excellence, for peace, for enlightenment, for wisdom and love is the vague reminiscence of that perfect place we had come from.

Our craving for great architecture, aesthetic surroundings, comfort, and loving relationships stems from the forgotten source of abundance. It is as if we are constantly comparing the two states, but rarely feeling full contentment.

Our yearning for profound connections is always inside us, but this world often does not meet our expectations. Even those who completely forgot our past keep on striving for perfection as a compass.

But those who vividly remember it, as I had in my childhood, experience conflicting emotions, on one hand, reassurance about our infinite destiny and the purpose of our earthly journey, on another hand – missing our home, and the sharp contrasts between different dimensions.

No matter what hardships we endure here, it is probable that we forgot that long time ago we ourselves had volunteered to experience them. Only if we participated in making such decisions, life could truly be just. And why exactly we decided to experience so many difficulties and even tragedies I do not remember.

However, I believe we are not given more than we had agreed upon. Sometimes we are given more than we can handle, perhaps for the purpose of changing others, since our wisdom depends on the growth of everyone.

I often see life as a stage. From my earlier recollections, this stage is like a virtual reality film, but on the most advanced state. We can choose to either observe it or participate in it on many levels. In a way, we write our own script.

Love cannot allow so much misery unless we ourselves agree to experience it. It is often lonely to be separated from the divine guidance and understanding. We feel alone here making so many mistakes and discoveries. When we return back to our ‘Real home’, we all will engage in many interesting discussions…

Since time does not exist in heaven, and there are infinite worlds unknown to man, certain lives here on earth and there in heaven are happening at the same time. When I was little, I felt that I was just a visitor here on earth and my permanent home was in heaven.

According to my journal, where my experiences were recorded, I had chosen my own earthly parents, my own name and watched even my own development as a child.

Footsteps of Eternity is based on a few of my recorded early childhood experiences. Asked by my mother how long I had been away during my visionary visits to heaven, I tried to assure her this way: “I have never been away. I am there in heaven right now and watching myself here talking with you. You see, I cannot remember ever being separate from anyone. You are just my earthly parents, but we all have agreed to live together in this life here on earth. It is like a life school. My body there is so light .We all have wished to experience it, and here I am.

Two women are actually one and the same person but the one on the ground is experiencing life here on earth and the other one on the left is living in heaven through other dimensions including this world. She is pouring the liquid hope on her other Self which I used the mysterious gold dust that materialized in front of my eyes.

The patterns of dresses symbolize footsteps of eternity. The black pattern on the white dress mean black footsteps of finite life in the white purity of eternal divinity.

The white pattern on the black dress indicate the divine footsteps of infinite life on the dark and challenging finite life.


To understand the meaning of life
is to remember our commitment before this life.

Do not reject your own proposal for life.

We all are volunteers writing scripts for our own lives.


Panic and anxiousness rarely trust the truth.


There is only one way to observe your own mind –
through time.


Without you strength has no longevity.


Sometimes we are given more
than we can handle so we can change others.

Broken hearts reveal a divine seal.


You have been born for a moment,
yet have been living for ever.

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