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Video: Hidden From History: The Canadian Aboriginal Holocaust

September 23, 2010 at 10:30 pm · by josh · Filed under All Videos & Movies, Social Awakening & Sovereignty, Videos: Social Awakening, Videos: {Other}

This is a powerful, well-researched and hard-hitting film by former reverend Kevin Annett.  It has taken great courage on his part to speak out on the despicable historical genocide committed by local governments and the church in our region.

Every Canadian would do very well to watch this true Canadian documentary, and to question, why this was hidden from history. [109 minutes]

Hidden From History: The Canadian Aboriginal Holocaust –

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  • fred coulis

    Why hasn’t anyone ever traced the policy of aboiginal genocide, to it’s source? It seems that all natives under british ” rule”, suffered the same fate. It is still going on in 3rd world dictatorships controlled by the world bank. (i.e. canada, austalia , peru, brazil, madagasgar, guatamala, borneo, etc., etc., and of couse etc.). Mr. Annett, if you have the resources, and could find out who these murderers are, this would open the eyes of people all around the world. P .S. Good luck with the rcmp enforcers. Maybe someone should write to DISNEY and get them off your back.

  • Josh

    Fred I agree, it does seem that way, doesn’t it?

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